Man of the Year - The Best of Martinez
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About this category: SUBMIT NOMINATIONS ONLY. Voting is not open in this category. A Community Committee reviews these nominations and votes. The recipient of this award will be someone who has given volunteer community service to the Martinez Community as a whole. The recipient of this award will be judged upon the quality and quantity of volunteer service and work provided to our community during the past year. The recipient of this award will be judged as a “well rounded” individual, as well as, a significant contributing member of our community, (i.e. business, religious, educational, etc.)


Roland, a Bay Area native and real estate professional, combines his passion for old homes with modern social media marketing to offer unparalleled service. Believing in the power of local expertise,

Michael Davey

Michael Davey, the owner of DVY Cards & Collectibles has created a safe space for kids and adults alike to come and enjoy a growing hobby. He offers good student programs to incentivize kids to do wel